It could be quite challenging to choose how to wear your protective style in the best possible way to fit your face or an occasion.
Sometimes, you're late to work or school only to discover there's one thing not done! What?
Your hair!!.. I've been there😔. But cheer up, 
I'm going to list ten ways you can wear and spice up your twists or braids this season, and I would be grateful if you could read through to the end so you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. Twist or braid updo

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A twist or braid updo is an elegant, simple, and easy style you should try this season, with or without extensions. It is appropriate for a date, formal or half-formal occasions.

2. Low Bun

Whether you accessorise or not, use extensions or not, there is something that shouts "The classic woman" whenever you wear a low bun hairstyle.
I recommend this style if you want to look elegant and classic, and you can wear it for any occasion like school, work, as a wedding guest e.t.c

3. Ponytail

Ponytails allow you to play with the strength of your braid or twist style, and it makes you look younger and unique

You can choose to wear it as a ponytail alone or leave some hair in front or at the sides to spice up the look. Anyone can rock this hairstyle, but I strongly recommend for women who love sports; this would help prevent their hair from covering the face. 

Ponytails could be heavy with extensions; therefore, you must use lightweight extensions.

4. Side-Parted Twist/Braids

Depending on the side that fits your face opting for a side part twist can change your face giving you an elegant chic look.

5. Short twist/Braids

 If youre using extensions and don't like to stay in the salon for long, or you don't like long hair, then opt for this style; if you have short hair, some accessories will help you spice the look.

7. Mini Twists

Mini Twist is a great style that would make you look elegant, classy and young at the same time.

8. Flat Twist

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You can flat twist some sides of your hair, leaving the rest as a twist and making your style beautiful and more creative. You can also se extensions if you want a longer feel.
Show the world how beautiful a black girl can look with your twisted cornrows; feel free to wear them for any occasion.

9 . Two Pony Tails


I call this the cute hairstyle because it changes your look to a much younger one.
It makes you look beautiful and is also very easy to style. I like to leave two strands of hair hanging down my face to give myself an amazing look.

10. High Bun


This is a low manipulative style that keeps your ends preserved and helps your hair stay moisturised for longer periods.
The high bun is a style that fits every little occasion your going for. You can add extensions if you want. To spice up your look, you can add little bangs in front or some side curls. 

Show the world how beautiful you can look with any of these protective styles. Write in the comment section which of these hairstyles you love the most.

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