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I used to think hairstyles with natural hair were ugly so for about the first 2 yrs of my natural hair journey I preferred using extensions more. But then I found out how beautiful hairstyles with my natural hair could be and how these styles prevented much breakage compared to when I used extensions. Now, I do styles with my natural more often and that changed my growth.
I'm not saying extensions are not good for your hair (I also love them and hope to try another one soon) all I'm saying is that, just like extensions, your natural hair can make you look beautiful too! 
That's why in today's blog, I'll be sharing a few natural hairstyles that'll get you to look like the beautiful black girl you've always wanted to be.

1. Twists


When I scroll through Instagram or surf the Internet, there's usually a picture or a video of different kinds of narural twists hairstyles. Sometimes I save them, other times I dream of making them Immediately because they're just so attractive and beautiful.
We have chunky twist, mini twist, medium sized twist , and all kinds. The good thing about these hairstyle is that you can easily style in different ways everyday.

2. Boho/goddess braids

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The new trend Is making goddess braids with your natural hair, as you braid your hair you remove a few strands of hair out so as to make the hairstyle look like the goddess braids you do with extensions.
This style is a must try for every natural and looks better on small or medium sized braids.

3. Conrows 


When making a Conrows hairstyle without extensions on your  natural hair add some beads to spice up the look and no one would be able resist your beautiful hairstyle.

4. Three strand twists.


This hairstyle looks a little bit like the normal twist only that you use 3 strands of hair instead of two.
I would recommend thto anyone that loves to look chic and gain attention because, it brings out your natural beauty and  looks so fine that gets people talking and complementing your hair all day.

5. Twist out / Braids out


Years ago, i used the think that only mixed black children could have curly hair  but thankfully, the natural hair community taught us the importance of a twist out or braid out and how these can help enhance our beautiful curls even without adding extensions or wearing wigs.
This hairstyle is another wonderful trend on instagram and a must try for every natural.
I'm sure you'll thank me for those times people would appreciate your beautiful curls.

6.Bantu knots


This hairstyle gives a unique vibe and its easy to do just roll sections of your hair together and wrap around each other and rock your hair.

7.Flat twist 


Flat twists are like conrows only that they look finer and attractive. Just like conrows you twist strands of hair down only that you use two strands instead of 3.
These hairstyle is recommended for any occasion and brightens your looks any time of the day.

What do you think of these natural hairstyles are they worth trying? If yes tag me on an Instagram post or reel while you try them out. I can't wait to see them!

Disclaimer: I do not own any right to the pictures from Instagram and Pinterest.

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