Apart from head lice,one of the things that makes you want unhappy about your natural hair journey is having dandruff...I rarely had dandruff  so I may not be able to tell much  but in as much as I wasn't so exposed to it,I've met and helped people battling  with it and I could feel their desperation of wanting to be free from it.

Some  people believe that it is caused by a dirty scalp,some say the presence of too much oils,some say because you shared someone else's comb or hair tools while some say its caused by a fungus that feed on skin oils...

Before I go further you should know that you can never be get dandruff by using another person's hair tools or accessories so if you've carried that mentality for a while, you need to drop  it..

Some weeks ago I had encounters with a few people  who had dandruff and I decided to make more researches...
One of the things I found out was that people who  didn't do any form of scalp moisturization were the ones that had higher probability of having dandruff...imagine how your skin would  look like if you don't apply your daily body lotion for several years...
It's going  to be the worst scenario ..you probably wouldn't  dare to imagine talk less of trying..
But i am so confident that 70% of you that wouldn't  even dare to leave their skin dry for a day have never applied oils on the skin covering the head  and surprisingly don't even care...

So how does this relate to  dandruff?

When the skin  is too dry it can start peeling  off the same goes with the scalp when it is dry it starts flaking  and that's when you see dandruff..
Some others say that the fungi called feeds on hair oils and when that is finished the skin covering your head starts peeling and breaking and that is what we know as dandruff...

Another thing  that welcomes dandruff is when you apply thick oils and butters on your scalp very often most especially  for those with low porosity or you have a very oily scalp ..there is a very high tendency  for this butters and oil if not controlled to lead to build ups and then dandruff becomes the end result.

Other causes include
Scalp irritation 
Reaction  to a new hair products

What can I do?
Applying oils on your scalp 2-3 times in a week ensuring you apply on a scalp that is not dry but slightly damp...(with a little water).
If you have a very dry scalp increase the moisturization technique to about 3 to 4 times a week.
Check out Mediana hair booster oil that has been tested and shown to help with dandruff and itchy scalp.

Avoid using heavy or thick butters or cream reduce it at the very best way you can or you can use the 2 in 1 Daily -Use Hair fertilizer and hair repair Mediana cream which has all anti-dandruff  properties available  in it.
The product is very light and easy to apply and penetrate on your scalp and hair without creating any form of build-ups .

Washing  your scalp with a clarifying  shampoo whenever  you notice build-ups on your scalp. 
Go to any trusted hair products store buy a clarifying  shampoo or you can get the  Mediana Anti-dandruff shampoo  ...use to wash and massage  your scalp thoroughly till  traces of the dandruff  flakes are no more seen.
Try consistently once a month  till you're totally free from dandruff...for severe  dandruff occurences washing  with shampoo  can be increased to twice a month....

When clarifying  shampoo contains  sulphate ensure you prepoo before washing. 

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  1. Thank you very much God bless you.

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    1. I sell them personally...if you click on any of the links on this post they will lead you to the page where you can pay and get them...or you can work up to any natural hair product sales store and ask for it