The weather hasn't be all that favourable for our hair especially for us here in Nigeria. It's harmattan and it breathes dry cold.
A lot of people opt for protective hairstyles with extensions which is best in preventing frequent dryness but then some of us stick to protective styles without extension...the question is which one is best?
I wouldn't say one is better because extensions really help to cover the hair from the harsh weather and you don't have to worry about moisturizing as frequently as you would do when you're without extensions but extensions could also be harmful because if you're not doing the needful you might end up losing hair than you think you would.
Hair without extensions on the other hand gives you opportunity to deep condition, moisturize and wash without stress the only disadvantage that it has is that if the ends of your hair are not totally protected they could lead to split ends. 

Let's see the various ways to care for your hair during dry seasons with or without extensions.

With Extensions
  1. Co-wash and deep condition your hair... ensuring it is well moisturized before using any protective style with extensions.
  2. Moisturize your scalp regularly say twice in a week...if you're someone with a very dry scalp feel free to increase to thrice a week.
  3. If your protective style is over a week, moisturize it with your leave in conditioner 
  4. Make sure your that the hairstyles are not too tight.
  5. You can deep condition or wash your hair in protective styles when it has been worn for more than a month
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  7. Sleep with a satin bonnet

Without Extensions
  1. Moisturize very frequently sealing the moisture with oil or butter depending on your  porosity.
  2. Don't leave the ends of your hair unprotected.
  3. Make use of beads /roll the ends of your hair/ tuck in your ends in a bun before going out.
  4. Don't skip deep conditioning, instead double it up.
  5. Do not sleep without a satin bonnet/a silk bed spread.
  6. Make use of caps, satin bonnet or hoodies that are natural hair friendly/ satin-lined.
  7. Ensure you moisturize your scalp with essential oils.
  8. Wear a wig if you have 

These rules are just part of the basics in caring for your hair in winter or dry seasons.
If you've been having trouble  balancing  your hair's moisture  during  any of these periods then try this out! I guarantee  that you won't  regret it.

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