Someone asked me why is it like that? Why is one side of my hair longer and one shorter?
To be honest I don't know why because there are various reasons for it..as scientist say it could be because the blood vessel leading to that side of your hair is assymentrical which makes blood pressure is lower and then into slower growth,some say genetics, some say stress, some say unbalanced diet and blah blah blah...
Whatever way it is I want you to be rest assured that it is very normal for one side of your hair to be longer than normal...for me,the sides of my hair is longer than the middle, the hair in the front is shorter than the back and it grows in layers..for someone else the front hair is longer and the back is shorter and on like that.

The one thing I want you to know is that whichever way your hair grows accept it and love it that way...like someone once said "do not compare your hair with another person's hair but rather play on the strength of your hair"....in other words bring out the beauty in your hair in such a way that nobody even sees the flaws you hate so much but rather compliment you for having the best.
Because your hair was given to you by God and is never a mistake. Be happy, cherish it and work towards maintaining it's health.

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