Maybe you're not  the "I don't care type" about your hair and you're wondering why your hair is experiencing breakage after all the expensive products..urrh it might be because you're not using a scrunchie or an ouchless band...okay you're confused let me explain more.
From the start we are all used to using harsh rubber bands to tie our natural's faster, cheaper and easy to get but then, your hair silently takes the pain and starts to show  signs of breakage and slowly without you realizing it breaks and you start complaining...
So how is a silk scrunchie  any different?...wait let me keep explaining...a silk scrunchie is a hair tie made of satin and satin has this slippery feel so it doesn't roll with any of your hair strands (as a rubber band would do) and therefore no breakage occurs ,
you also avoid split ends and moisture absorbtion from your hair as materials like cotton would do.

Your hairstyles last longer ;unlike rubber band satin scrunchie do not break loose so you can carry your styles without being afraid that they would get rough .

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