I never really got the right hack to moisturizing ..I have medium porosity so I just use any of the two type of moisturizing methods (LOC and LCO) not until recently I discovered LOC works perfectly well for me...
So what's LOC?..what's LCO?...someone is probably confused right now and is asking....
If that's you...keep reading..
L stands for liquid (water or water based leave-in-conditioner
C for cream (butter or a leave in conditioner with slip)
O for oil

LOC for liquid, Oil and Cream
LCO for liquid, Cream and Oil

Over time I hear people say that LOC works for this hair porosity and LCO works for that hair porosity ...well it may be true...but I realized after experimenting that many people with 4c hair have low porosity so it's easier for them to retain moisture longer than someone that has 4a hair with low porosity ...so it's not really a standard that LOC works for people with high porosity and LCO for those with low porosity...it's best to try any of these moisturizing methods and see which one really works for you.

If you are a good observer you notice the L's are constant...(L is for liquid which I said could be either water or water-based conditioner )
This is because the major key to moisturizing is water....and your hair needs it to a absorb any moisturizing product you will be using..
Don't use oil first when moisturizing because it may likely dry out your hair and don't use water without sealing it with oil or butter because it is very likely to dry out after few minutes...

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