I've mentioned deep conditioning in most of my blogpost but never really took my time to explain what it really means.
Many people skip deep conditioning because they don't really know the weight of it....or they feel it's not important because their hair isp growing more than the average...'s sad to see people not interested at all because deep conditioning is one of the most important part of natural hair journey especially if your hair is up to a year old or more.
Your hair passes through a lot, from sun,to harsh weather conditions ,to rubbing with your skin and so many other stressful things that makes it frizzy or loose it's strength so giving your hair the medicine it needs to survive these things once every week or after two weeks is very necessary..
Now you ask how exactly do I go about it?'s simple my dear..there are two either buy a highly recommend one or make one (DIY).....
The DIY deep conditioner could be really messy because you mix raw natural ingredients like aloe vera, ayurvedic herbs ,milk,honey e.t.c
Depending on your hair type you don't just want to mix any ingredient together..
If you have low porosity don't use ingredients high in protein
If you have high porosity feel free to use protein ingredients.( A topic for another day)
After applying your deep conditioner cover your hair for 30 minutes using either a plastic bag or an electric heater or whatever hair heater you use ..the reason for this is to encourage the opening of your hair cuticles which allows the deep conditioner to penetrate into your hair shaft to provide the healing(nourishment) it needs for survival.....

 PS:  If you use a deep conditioning product ensure you read the instruction before use so that it doesn't work wrong for you..

2. Dont leave deep conditioning in your hair for too long before rinsing it out.

3.The major reason for deep conditioning is to restore moisture to your hair strands ..if your deep conditioner doesn't do that then you should consider changing it .

4. Watch out for more posts on deep conditioning..

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