You see that colour you love it..  "it'll look good on me i think" and straight up you're in the salon...dye my hair red or blue or yellow or whatever colour you're interested in ..
Without even thinking of what comes after dyeing many people find their ways to the salon to change their hair color.. probably to have a higher self esteem or to call attention or because friends have done so....
If you find yourself almost in or in these shoes, please keep reading.

Dyeing your hair may be beautiful but there's more to it after...I see people change their hair colour from people they think are professionals..(well maybe they are)...and their hair keeps looking dry everytime I see them... because they think after dyeing that's it and the so called professional hair personnel does not tell them the things they need to add in and remove from their hair routine.

First you need to balance your hair's moisture..the chemicals in a dye dries out your hair which If not properly handled could lead to hair breakage... moisturizing your hair more  often would do  say thrice or more a day....(carry your spray bottle around..if you can't be at home to do it).

The weakest parts of your hair (ends)..get drier faster before dyeing now after dyeing how fast do you think it'll be?.....you have to ensure that your ends are most times tucked in a protective style like packing your hair in a bun or wrapping them in beads...

Don't use a sulphate shampoo to your dyed hair because it's likely to wear out your hair..if at all you have to use one, ...do a prepoo with that will neutralize the effect of the shampoo...or better still ditch shampooing for cowashing...
Your deep conditioning treatment should be done often and should be moisture balance restoring..I'll recommend you use aloe vera or a trusted brand that focuses on treating dyed hair.

Exposing your dyed hair to sunlight is likely to leave your stands weaker...ensure you make use of a hat or a silk scarf  when you have to move under the sun..

If you've dyed your hair fine...just keep up with the hair care routine...but if you're still contemplating on whether to do it or not..sit down and ask yourself..am I ready to work more than twice of what I did before??..am I ready to spend more on leave in conditioners , moisturizers and more deep conditioning treatments?...
Deep inside you know the answer....do what you think is right...or better still hop for a temporary dye that you can easily rinse out or a natural dye which I think is more safe.

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