Different ways to style your locs under 7 minutes with miss_sennie

Miss fro: (wakes up) Oh no I'm late again!..
Stomach: (grumbles)
Miss fro: Don't worry we fix that on the way.
Miss fro: (checks mirror)
Hair: (in a tiny voice) I'm here...did you just forget to style me...are you going to go out with me like this?...cus I'm looking like hell right now..fix me ! fix me !fix me !fix.....
Miss fro: shhhh.. shut up!!!...urrgh I wish a fairy would come help me right now...I'm late.
(And the unexpected happened ..just as Miss fro imagined a fairy appeared)
Miss fro: (stares in disbelief)
Fairy: hello Miss fro I'm here to help just follow my lead!

Oh my gosh !naturalistas did I just do that??🤭 it's been a long time and I just wanted something that'll catch your attention and make you want to read more...I hope it worked!.. well well well... I'm back and I'm gonna be your hair fairy today with Miss Sennie you can check out her youtube channel here.
As you can see from the title we would be looking at different ways to style your locs under 7 minutes!... wow under 7 minutes?? isn't that amazing?.. uh if you're like me that struggles every morning on what style to make then I think this is the best blog post for you.

 Style 1.. Single-Half Ponytail
Get a hair band preferably one that wouldn't break your hair and then take a small part of the front section(left or right side) of your hair and put it in a pony tail..add your accessories if available and that's all ..go out and slay your hair...
 waaiiitttt!!.... don't forget to lay your edges😉.

Style 2.. Double Half ponytail

Achieving this hairstyle is just as easy as the first one..just take the a small part front section of both sides of your hair and pack them in two different ponytails... not forgetting your edges too.

Style 3...Half up knot ponytail
Hey you! Calm down its a simple hairstyle love..you just take the mid section of your hair in front and pack into a ponytail or a bun if you want..
Lay your edges and add accessories if you want.

Style 4... Half ponytail
Bond half of your hair from the front in a ponytail leaving the rest at the back standing alone just like in the picture.

Ps: I know some one would be like is it only ponytail hairstyles?..urrrh no...you can decide to turn your ponytail into a bun if you want.
Laying of edges and using of accessories should be according to your preference and not necessarily exactly how you see it..

A big shout out to Miss sennie thanks for allowing me to use her pictures for this blog post.you can check out the video version @ miss_sennie