Someone requested I wrote on this topic and I also think it's something that every naturalist should be addressed on...
The issue of "my hair is breaking" is often heard among naturals and even people with relaxed hair...(note I don't write anything about relaxed hair....if your hair Is breaking and it's relaxed, only advice for you is to return natural).

If you're natural and your hair is have to first be sure that it's not normal hair shedding

If you're 100% sure that it's not then you need to do a check on a few things.

The first one often does your hair get moisturized?... I notice that most African ladies don't care about moisture...they just want their hair done  .they don't care if the hair is dry or not..or maybe some they end up adding just any essential oil to their hair thinking that's all they need...if this is what you practice you have to stop.... moisture goes way more than that....the LCO...or the LOC method of moisturizing hair....requires you use a liquid first before any other oil or butter...L stands for Liquid...leave-in conditioner or water, C for cream/butter..shea butter, cocoa butter etc. And O for oil...*essential oils*).. choosing LCO or LOC method depends on which one works for your hair the most.

How you handle your hair is another important factor...I had the opportunity to style hair for a lady and what made me annoyed was how she was combing it....she had the mindset her hair was "strong" and that it needed to be treated that way...I stood there watching in awe cus I was too tired to start addressing her... but I know in a matter of few years If she keeps treating it that way it'll break without you ask me...if I have a strong hair what can I do to handle it better?..good question.
I need you to know that there is no such thing as "strong hair".... never say your hair is just have thick hair strands....and the moment you start adding liquid to your hair be it water or leave-in-conditioner.. your thick curls become softened and easier to comb...
So you part your hair into sections and apply the liquid (one that cannot damage your hair)...with any essential oil or butter if you want..and comb....for parts of your hair that still feel hard to comb through, use your fingers to remove the tangles gently and comb through...if you have soft should also do the same...and be careful when combing your curls could lead to breakage if you're not gentle.

Do you deep condition your hair?.. someone would ask me what deep conditioning is and why it is necessary... first, deep conditioning involves using a deep conditioner (DIY or factory processed one)...on your hair for at least 30 minutes with heat using heat cap or a nylon bag...
The purpose of deep conditioning is to ensure your curls are regenerated and come back alive...what I mean is as your hair gets older it has the tendency to get frailer... using deep conditioner ensures that it doesn't become too frail, strengthens your curls and more importantly reduces breakage and split ends speaking of split ends... 
It is important to trim split ends regularly  (let's say between 3 months to 6 months)..or it could lead to extensive breakage.

Other reasons your hair might be breaking include:
2. Wrong hair products/harsh products

These are the little  I was able to gather up for those dealing with breakage. .if there's any more you want to add or you have an important question you want to ask or something you don't understand or anything you'll like me to know about this post signify in the comment section below...

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