How to deal with shrinkage

Hi beautiful people it's been over 2 weeks since I wrote And i really apologize for that there's been a lot to do and I had lots of thinking to do about what to write...I came up with a title which I know I have in one way talked about in one of my posts and I'm sure you've already seen the title...("how to deal with shrinkage")

I have always heard "shrinkage Is a sign that your hair is healthy"
And some people say again " keep your hair in stretched styles always"
.. there's always a sense of conflict between those two sentences
..why would you say shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair and why would you say my hair should always be in stretched styles... blah blah..

I usually found my self unconsciously struggling between these words in the past...
I wanted my hair to be in the right version of itself (I mean the length)..and I kinda wanted I would be sure it was healthy....

I didn't want shrinkage except if it was checking the state of my hair.. because I hated the thought of people asking me questions like...what happened to your hair..why is it shorter than before.. were you lying this whole time when you posted pictures..and blah blah... plus I loved it when people say... your hair is did you do it...but I began to grow deep with the natural hair family...I realized that shrinkage is lovely...I could have a long hair and still have an afro...I could make my hair look very short and long at the same time...I began to appreciate the shrinkage of my twist and curls..

So what's your point? point is embracing shrinkage is the best way to appreciate your hair's beauty although there might be times that you need to stretch it out ( which I would recommend strictly without heat or low heat with heat protectant if you have to use it )..but if you find that your hair matter the level...embrace it and bring out beauty from it.