If you've ever used any ayurvedic herb as your deep conditioner or as a hair mask for hair growth or hair repair ..you'll know that it's messy and not easy to rinse out all the shafts when you're taking off the mask.
It used to take about days or weeks  to totally remove the mask from my hair until I came across a video on youtube and Idecided to try it out....

On a regular deep conditioning day I would mix amla powder,honey, hibiscus drink,milk,ginger, garlic, tumeric (once in a while), coconut oil and ensure that the mixture wasn't watery or too thick before application.
But...the youtube video taught me otherwise...after getting my mixture..I looked for a strainer cloth bag and then placed my ayurvedic mixture inside the bag... then squeezed out the liquid from the mixture into a clean plastic leaving the shaft in the bag and then I applied the strained out liquid on my hair and scalp for my deep conditioning treatment after about 30mins I rinsed the mask off my hair and to my surprise I didn't spend as much time and water I used to spend when I was still using the old method plus... there was no sign of amla powder shafts remaining in my hair🤭

A strainer cloth bag is that bag you use when you want to sieve out liquid for a creamy or pasty food..like the one you use when you want to sieve pap( "Ogi")