I've seen people making mistakes when trying to do their hair length check...some people put the before and after of their hair pictures showing the "before" as a picture of the length of the front hair and the "after" as a picture of the middle or back side of the hair....
Seriously girl??? call that Length check???

I don't know if you've observed this but hair grows at different rate..what I mean is...the hair in front might be longer than of the back and the hair at the side might be longer than any other part of your hair..which means that one part of your hair grows faster than the rest which is pretty normal...
so when you do a length check you make sure that you're consistent..If you take the picture of the front side of your hair in January, in December if you want to do another length check you must take a picture of the same front side and see the difference. 

You should do the same even when you use a different part of your hair say the back side or the middle or whichever side you prefer.

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