Someone is going to say "I don't have time or I don't have money so I can't take care of my natural hair"...
awwwww..sorry love😪

Time and money are the two assumed things that people count as important in any natural hair journey and it wouldn't be wrong to say it is, but... it would be wrong to say you don't have time for your hair..

You have time to eat ,to bathe,to watch a movie,to study,to read,to pray and do other things but you don't have time for your hair?..
Everybody is damn busy...24hrs is not enough I know...but picking up a routine once in two weeks or twice a month for your natural hair is not time consuming.. moisturizing your hair with water in the shower and applying shea butter to seal in moisture while apply your body lotion is not time consuming, trimming your hair in between study time Is not also time consuming .You just need to plan for it and you're good..


It's good to have money but you don't need to spend all the money you have on all the hair products in the world...stick to one hair product (preferably one that works for you).Do more of diy's with natural plants and fruits like aloe vera,avo cado e.t.c.
Get the natural shea butter instead of refined ones, it's more cheaper and better,make researches on how to make coconut oil or any other essential oils you love,and if you can't spare the time buy in large quantity and manage it for months, improvise take for example using a nylon during deep conditioning instead of buying heat bag or using an old perfume bottle instead of buying spray bottle if you feel it's expensive.
Making use of good black soap as a shampoo if you run out of shampoo and money to buy it, using aloe vera to define your curls instead of wasting your expensive gel,using your fingers as a scalp massaging tool instead of buying a massager and doing any other thing that helps you save money..
If you have the money there's nothing wrong in spending it but if you don't it's better to go for what you can afford..

Your natural hair is your crown always create time for it especially if you want to get it as long as your planned hair goal.