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Growing your hair (for natural hair beginners).

I get questions from people like "how do I grow out my hair?..will my hair ever grow out?..3years is long can my hair not grow very long in less than that?..and I keep giving them the same answers and one of the answers I give them is "be patient"...I Know I've mentioned it several times... but yeah.. except some people with very exceptional genes (which i think would be about 0.5 out of 100) your hair cannot grow 4 inches or 10 inches overnight's gradual and you want patiently follow the right routine so that at the end of each year you can bodly say your hair has grown far more than where you started...

So if you just started growing your hair this is the right blog post for you...
Listen...the initial stages of hair growth might be annoying because people keep telling you..."after all the products you're using nothing is growing"..stop troubling your hair and all that... 
you don't have to worry yourself those same people will come back for your advice when they see your hair has grown...(from experience)...

Now  what you want to do as a natural hair journey beginner is that you want to ensure you do more of protective styles..when. I say protective styles I mean styles that are very protective not tight braids that cut your edges and not styles you need to change too frequently.Let your protective styles last for at least two weeks...and ensure you do less protective styles with extensions.

Deep condition  your hair twice or four times a this is majorly for people that have almost about 4 to longer inches on their hair.. people with lower inches might not need to bother...they can stick with shea butter as their daily moisturizer..but it doesn't mean they can't try it if they want...

Moisturize your hair frequently with water, essential oils and hair butter. you can pour oil, water and leave in conditioner in a spray bottle..shake it together and use to moisturize your hair or use the shower with your wash-out conditioner and seal in moisture with shea butter.

Trim very little inch of your hair... your hair is still in its initial stages you are less likely to see split ends ...or better still, dont trim..till you start observing weak or split ends.

Use DIY or trusted hair growth boosters(products)...a good example of DIY hair growth booster is the natural aloe vera plant gel...and the mediana hair oil booster and cream a good example of a trusted hair growth product.

Don't use too much products on your hair , don't play with your hair continuously. It weakens the hair and might lead to breakage allow it to rest.

Wash your hair with a pH balanced shampoo or a reliable one...washing too frequently might make your hair wear out...sometimes, use a conditioner to wash your hair .

Avoid comparing your hair journey with grows at different rate so don't mind if someone's hair is growing at a faster rate than yours.

And finally I repeat again "be patient" won't take long before you see your hair getting almost or as long as you want it ..

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