Tie it up or not?

After about two years(or less) you notice that your hair begins to or is about to get to or even passed the shoulder length level and when you do a protective style with your natural hair you are proud of what you're seeing..
Yeah yeah yeah.. everybody likes long hair...but then today's story would be focusing on one of the disadvantages of having long hair.. so you have to be attentive.

Shoulder length or more means your hair begins to rub down your clothes or your back (the feeling is divine)...but then the divine feeling can lead to wearing out of your hair..
That's why I gave the blog the title tie it up or not?
Ask yourself ..if I have a long hair.. should I tie it up or leave it?

I have the answer

Tying or leaving it is up to you ..if  you love having your hair down like me..it's no problem..but then Know you have a lot of work to do... leaving your hair down...will only make your dry fast in other words hair loose it's moisture more which would lead to more breakage...so you have to moisturize everyday sealing the hair especially the ends with essential hair oils/butter

But  if you like to wear your hair in buns often.. either when wearing braids/twist or not..then you don't need much because your hair would stay moisturized longer....and there would be no wearing of your hair because there's no contact with your clothes or skin.


It up to you to tie or not...but make sure your hair is in updo styles often .. like say you can flaunt it when you go out but when you'rere indoors ensure its in a safe bun...so that it won't wear easily...