So I'm at the salon begging the hair dresser not to pick my edges too tight and she's like I won't...if I do it this way your edges won't be the end of the day I discover that if I don't do anything my edges would become new sets of  hair ancestors.
One thing I notice is that most hairdressers want their work very neat so that it'll attract other customers..but they don't remember that the edges are very fragile and need to be treated with very much care ....  that's why when you want to make any protective style you need to consider your edges..even if you have to continually beg your hair dresser might be annoying tho.

For someone like me who makes a lot of do's and dont's for people styling my hair...I get frustrated when it comes to talking about my edges what I do is...when I get home I start loosen the front part a little just so that my baby hairs come out till I'm satisfied...
So if you have problem relaying to your stylist just let it be when in the salon but immediately you get home try to use your fingers to unravel the edges out ...
You can use leave-in conditioner ,water or any reliable hair gel so that it's more easy to remove.


Since your edges are outside your protective style they get really dry at some point ensure you moisturize them often.

No matter how short the edges of your hair might be you must still play the role of protecting them... cus they protect you too... you'll look really weird without them.


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