If after loosening a month or two months-old braid you discover that much hair comes out of your head you start getting scared thinking that the braids must have been the cause of it ..or someone starts to tell you that you're loosing hair.

Do you really think you're loosing hair??...

I saw an instagram post of a natural hair blogger and she showed a picture of how much hair she lost after a month's protective style and It was really small that I almost got jealous but then I looked at her page and saw all pictures of her hair and I discovered that it was not even up to half as full as mine.......
I'm not bragging I'm trying to make a point...listen..

Because her hair is not full and her hair is healthy she doesn't shed as much hair as I do so even after letting go of a month old braid she doesn't loose much.
But if it were to be me after letting go of a month old protective style I would loose say  times 3 of hers because mine is fuller..
Now get the gist ..some people say 50-100 hair is lost everyday some people say 100-150 hair is lost everyday which is normal if you have a healthy hair ..but because you leave your hair in a braid for a month or two the hair that is lost cannot come out because it has been tied in your braids so when you take them down about 150×30 or 31 days (or times 2 months) hair is removed so it'll seem like much hair is removed ..if you have a less full hair about 50×30 or 31 days(or times two months)  is likely to leave your hair...
So if you have a fuller hair you shouldn't blame yourself for loosing hair more than that of someone with a less fuller hair than you...just make sure your hair stays healthy..

In cases where some people begin to loose more than than they think is  expected and they are confused is it the normal hair loss or is it abnormal? know of it is normal or not... you'll have to weigh (with your eyes).. the amount of hair lost with the amount of hair left on your hair..if the amount of your hair is still very much as full as nothing came out of it then you're safe but if it's really obvious that hair is missing then it's likely to be abnormal hair loss... you'll have to see the doctor for help.