Co-wash...conditioner+washing is the process of using conditioner to wash your hair instead of a shampoo..(I think I've mentioned it before in one of my blog posts)..
And today we're going to look at benefits and proper way of co-washing your hair.

The use of conditioner to wash your hair might not necessarily take off all dirt from your hair because conditioners do not contain the ingredients to do that but they leave your hair moisturized, silky,shiny, and ensure that your natural hair oils do not dry off.

It is also helps you to detangle your hair without stress and its a good way to protect your ends from split ends and hair damage.

Before co-washing, part your hair into as many sections that are convinient for you to work on then begin to apply your conditioner from the root to the tip adding more to the tip of your hair.
Ensure that as your are applying the conditioner to each section your are detangling gently with your fingers can use a comb but I'm sure you wouldn't want the conditioner splashing all over your face ...

Take your time don't apply the conditioner roughly so that one side is coated with conditioner and the other is not..
All the parts of your hair must be coated with it..
After this you can decide rinse it out immediately or leave it for some minutes (say 5) before rinsing it out..
Make your hair into chunky twist or braids or a bun or whatever protective style you want.

If you wash your hair about 12 times a year..Co-wash about 7 times or more...even  if your shampoo is sulphate free or not...
(Just my opinion)

You don't need to add conditioner to your scalp in the name of co-washing..
Conditioner helps with your hair while shampoo helps with both the hair and scalp..
If you feel your scalp is dirty use a shampoo .