Did you know that keeping your hair in a bun helps you retain length?..
Bet somebody didn't know that🙃..but now you know...

I'm not saying you should keep wearing buns but let say you don't have time to make or hair or you're tired of going to salon you can just put your hair in a bun and woo you're good to go in say 2 weeks??..well it depends on you....buns are protective styles and as long as they don't get rough..you can keep your hair in buns for long.
Before packing your hair into a bun make sure your hair especially your ends are moisturized first in water and then seal with any essential oil or hair butter
(shea butter,mango butter or any other hair butter of your choice)
And after about a week you want to loosen the bun and moisturize again 

If you like your bun to be sleek make sure you apply water to moisturize your hair before using the gel or better still use the natural aloe vera gel since its natural and more safe than any type of gel you get at the store..(note aloe vera is a humectant that works with the environment to draw moisture to hair or skin which means if your environment is dry it wouldn't work well so it's advisable to use water first before applying the aloe vera).

Don't forget use a satin bonnet when you sleep or you'll ruin the bun..plus it helps to stop your cotton bedsheets or pillow from sucking out moisture from your hair.

What type of bun do you like high bun ,low bun or sleek bun ?

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