The Annoying Natural Hair Questions

she went like..."is your hair as long as this".. giving me the "dont deceive yourself look"

If you have a natural hair plus if it's in the "Nigerian long category"...(I call it that because a hair thats about 8 inches is pretty long in Nigeria) you'll surely hair different comments and questions from people about it.
Imagine someone coming to you and saying 'is this your hair or wig?'..
I've been asked that question before...and till I left that place they were still arguing if it was my hair or not😒.. funny right?...but at the same time it could be annoying..
You could get questions like why are you adding that to your hair?,why are you using that?, Why don't you just relax your hair, why are you spraying this or that, can that work?,why don't you comb your hair?,...blah blah blah
I don't know if it happens to you but when people ask these questions you might not really know what to say...take for example..I wanted to get some wooden beads to spice up my natural hair braids I was planning to do myself but then I was on faux locs( kiko braiding) I showed a picture of a lady's hair (with the same hair length) trying to explain the type of beads and there was this lady,she went like .."is your hair as long as this".. giving the "dont deceive yourself look".. funniest thing was I said a weak 'yes' like a fool .. smiling embarrassingly that I'm pretty sure she would have concluded that I lied.....

I know I'm not the only one that has had this experience sooooooo I want you to share your experience with everyone in the comment section below.
You can do that right?🙃