Protective styles are styles that you do to help keep your hair in place for a period of time inorder to keep your hair and ends safe.
Protective styles include twist,flat,buns,twist,weaves,faux locs,braids e.t.c

 If I should ask you or a random girl out there "why do you get your hair done?"..I'm pretty sure the answer will be to look beautiful...yes we must look beautiful..but it's that the only reason?
Changing your hairstyles every week(just to look beautiful) may seem like a good idea but it might be affecting your hair if u're not being careful.
How often you manipulate and how you handle your hair matters.
A few years back I loved to play with my hair ,always loved to loosen my protective styles earlier than normal (which should be 2 -3weeks for any hairstyle with your natural hair and up to 2months (preferably a month) for your braids,faux locs or any other protective styles with extension.?)
I noticed that for sometime it felt like my hair was in a stagnant position  and not just wanting to grow ..this was not just because I kept loosening my hair but because I kept combing /detangling wrongly,at the same time not putting my hair to rest everytime I loosened them which made it difficult for me to retain length as it was as equal as my hair not growing.
In other words I was loosing the tip of my hair at the same time my hair was growing. . Does it sound confusing?... I'll explain deeply
When you loose your hair,you want to make sure you detangle it so that you can make another one ...take for instance when you get to the salon,they want to comb your hair inorder  to detangle...but you see most salons comb your hair in the wrong way probably because of ignorance or too much customers and as I said in my last blog your hair will seem like it's not growing when you just comb anyhow (comb only when ur hair is wet )..You are not likely to get a salon that'll finger detangle your hair so you'll notice that after the rough combing you loose much hair, after another week you go through the same process.. imagine how your hair would be after a year🤔.
That's why it is necessary to do a protective style that'll last 3 weeks,a month or two so that the rate at which you loose hair is reduced....butttttt..if you're someone that cannot escape changing hairstyles every week then you'll have to practice finger detangling and handle your hair with extra extra extra gentleness,(I'm not sure that word exist but I know you get what I mean). 

Even if you loosen your hair after a month or so.  You also need to detangle properly with ultimate care ...
Humans loose up to 100-150 hairs or less per day which is absolutely normal but loosing more than that might be a sign your having hair loss.
If after a protective style you loose hair, compare it with the hair on your head and see if it's normal or abnormal to know if u're really loosing less or more.

The fact that you do a protective style doesn't mean your hair would grow automatically...even if you don't make your hair,your hair would still grow.
Keeping your hair in a protective style just helps your hair grow in sections and helps to protect your ends from weather and harsh conditions.

You can learn how to make your yourself or better still go to a salon that would treat your hair with so much care...(the way you would have)