So your favorite hair blogger has the curly extra beautiful natural hair 24/7 on her blog and so you're like why is God not fair...she always has a beautiful hair why not me...
Stop!....let me ask you
Have you seen her for real?... has she come to you physically like this is my hair ?....

A lot of people post what they want to post on social media just because they want to be famous or promote a particular product that'll get them rich.
 I run a social media blog on instagram and I wouldn't lie about the length of my hair to anyone..but I rarely show people when I have a bad hair day or when my hair looks the worst...I always thought I had a problem.. because almost everybody shows beautiful things on their instagram.. but then I came to realise that everybody wants to look presentable on instagram so they only show the good side and not the bad...they never show you when their curls are no longer defined....they show you when their curls look defined... they never tell you how long it takes for their hair to grow...they tell you when they used a particular product(DIY or not) their hair grew overnight...some people's hair stories might be true while some are fake.. 
Believe your hair is beautiful in whatever status it is.
Never feel inferior because of your natural hair.

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