HOW TO MAKE TEMPORARY LOCS ON YOUR NATURAL HAIR (from Lilian okibe's youtube channel)

Wait to know you can lock your hair temporarily...isnt that great news???
If you really want to know how to temporarily loc your hair then don't go anywhere just keep reading.....

I  came across a beautiful video from Lilian Okibe's youtube channel on how to temporarily lock your hair without stress...I've tried it before now and I'm even thinking of trying it as soon as I get rid of the protective style I'm wearing now..

What you want to do is to get shea butter (or any other thick hair product if you don't have)..and several hair bonds ( as many as possible )

Divide your hair into a section then divide the section into three equal parts and braid  half an inch or an inch of your hair tight like you would do when making regular braids (ensure it's not too tight ).
After this you take the remaining part of the section and begin to braid very very loose...(when I say very very loose I mean loose enough for  someone looking not to be able to see the pattern of braids you did )..till you're almost at  the end of your hair (tip) then you apply shea butter at the tip of your hair and then twirl around your fingers  until it's in place.
After this,twirl the whole section of loosely braided hair from the root to the tip and that's it ! You're done with the first temporary loc.

Make sure you repeat the same process for each sections once you're done with a few sections (say 3 or 4) 

use your hair bond to band the sections together so as to keep your hair in place and make it look more cylindrical like the real locs.(make sure you do this for all sections and don't leave the bond on your hair for too long).

I think the whole process may sound confusing to some people
 if it is for you, check Lilian Okibe's vlog to watch the video version of it on YouTube.

When trying out the temporary locs, the looser your braids are, the more your hair shrinks...don't worry about the shrinkage part because the purpose of the hairstyle is to make your hair look shorter than it is ..that way makes it look more like "the original locs"

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