It's a new year!!,I know you shouted happy new year, thankful that God made you to see this year .I'm also thankful to him 2020 wasn't an easy road for all of us...
but let me ask you this
Did your hair shout happy new hairπŸ€”?
What i mean is did you make any resolution to treating your hair better this year beautiful enough for your curls to shout hallelujah ? πŸ˜‚..

Well I won't say much today but I'll just brief you on a few things
If you're aiming for a longer hair by the end of this year you mustn't forget these important things 
1.Diy Deep conditioning treatments (at least once every month)
2. Moisturizing your hair regularly especially your ends
3.Trimming only when you have split ends or dead ends
4.Avoiding excessive combing...(Comb your hair when it's wet using a wide tooth comb..or better still finger detangle your hair )
5. Encourage low manipulation of styles with your hair
6. Sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet
7.if you do not have the money to buy expensive products ..do not stress yourself get natural products and do DIY's...and if you have the money to get products stick to one that you know works for you.
8.Wash your hair not too frequently. You  can ditch shampoo and wash your hair with a conditioner(not too often tho)
9.Always have a leave in conditioner (it could be a DIY conditioner..if you can't afford one)

I hope you take all I wrote down for you to heart...those are the 9 important ones I know...if you know any other one let us know in the comment section below..

Happy New Year loves😘😘


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