"NO...girl don't ever try it..I repeat Do Not Try That Ever..."

Some people just take comb and start to comb their hair anyhow and then they'll come and start saying "my hair is growing..it's in my genes it can't grow"
Girl tell me how do you want your hair to grow when your forcing your dry hair to get detangled using that silly thing we call comb...

It's a tradition almost any native african as adopted..the whites with straight hair came and gave us what they use for their hair and 
then we with "curly hair" came to embrace using it exactly like they do...does that even make sense?.
One thing you should keep to heart is that God didn't make any mistake when he gave you that hair even though you think its ugly.... you'll never appreciate beauty until you start to care for it.

As a native to Africa you can't escape curly hair and curly hair means your hair would like to shrink and then you'll have to detangle and so to detangle you need an instrument "comb"...but would you really just put a comb into your dry shrinky hair and start to detangle ?...NO...girl don't ever try it..I repeat Do Not Try That Ever...

Before you detangle you want to make sure your hair is soaking wet and you're with a wide tooth comb and you want to make sure you comb gently detangling most of your hair with your fingers (if possible)..
Or better still apply a detangler or a leave in conditioner and gently detangle your wet hair with your fingers only..this process takes a lot of time I know but if you're trying to protect your hair and expecting to retain length it's just best you do that.

You might say your hair is still growing despite combing anyhow probably because you have a very fast hair growth that helps to replace the one you've lost ...but you want to think about it 'for how long will your hair be able to endure the hardship?'..don't you think in a few years time your hair will start to give up?...
It's up to you...I know everybody can't have that rapunzel youtubers hair but you can have an averagely long hair if only you take care of it.

I know it may seem impossible but If u're reading this I want you to take up the operation "finger detangling"(No comb ) challenge  for two months and then judge the difference...
You're going to notice your hair gets thicker than before and your hair not only retains length but grows better than before...(think of if you try it for a year....)

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