Ayurvedic Herb Deep Conditioning Treatment Mix

I accidentally stumbled on an Instagram post one day and the caption was like ayurvedic herbs for hair growth blah blah…”in my head I was like another natural hair stupid growth routine has come again o”.so I didn’t put to mind but as time would have it ..I kept seeing several post of Ayurveda this,Ayurveda that, and how it is used by Indian women to retain length so I decided to give it a try.
I attached it to my deep conditioning treatment today and I must say my hair feels so so so good (I don’t just know how to explain the feeling).

We have some many types of ayurvedic herbs: Amla powder, Chebe powder, Shikaikai powder, Hibiscus powder, Aritha powder etc. and they’re known all over the world for the healing properties they possess and promoting hair growth.
There are different ways to use these herbs for hair growth

As a hair mask
As a hair gloss
As a hair growth oil
As a deep conditioning treatment.

One of my new hair resolutions was to make deep conditioning with ayurvedic herbs every month so, I decided to make it to reality got the Amla powder, mixed it with some other ingredients and applied it to my hair after washing it 

            THE DEEP CONDITIONING                     INGREDIENTS 

In a small plastic plate, I added 3 sachets of instant filled milk (which should be equivalent to 3 full spoons of any instant filled milk you want to use)
I mixed with hibiscus water (containing rice water, ginger, turmeric and garlic paste) and added a few drops of honey
In another bowl I took about 5-6 spoons of Amla powder and mixed it with hibiscus flower and coconut oil.
After the whole process I stirred the milk mix and Alma powder mix together and that was all.


DIY deep conditioning treatment would be very messy and all so I had to make sure the mix was thick so that it doesn’t spill all over the floor. It could be really annoying.
I also made sure my hair was soaking wet before the application that way my hair would easily absorb the mixture.
I applied the deep conditioner in sections from my scalp (since its scalp friendly) until every part of my hair was coated with the mix
Then I used a plastic bag (nylon) to cover my hair for about 30 minutes and rinsed out the mixture.

Let me give you an advice, if you’re going to try out this method or any other method with any ayurvedic herb you want to make sure you’re wearing an old dress and you haven’t taken your bath or you’ll hate yourself because your clothes and surroundings will be messy.
You also want to get about 2 buckets of water so that you can bathe and rinse out the whole DIY shit off your hair...  trust me the whole mix in your hair is not going to come out so don’t kill yourself washing for so long... the Ayurveda is gonna be like I’m here to stay baby… (lol)

           THE AYURVEDIC HERB                                 REVIEW

My hair feels really really good right now. The feeling is unexplainable…
I also applied the mixture on my face and I must say my face has never felt so moisturized in like forever,
I’m so trying the DIY treatment again!!!

Deep conditioning treatment is best with heat and because I didn't have the heat bag ,nylon was the best substitute.
Use the heat bag if you have and if you don't use a plastic bag..but make sure you don't deep condition for too long (30 minutes max)

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