7 Reasons why you're not retaining length

sometimes it feels you're stuck with a particular hair length for a long period of time which can be very frustrating especially when you think you've used all the expensive recommended hair growth products in the world...you come to a conclusion that your hair isn't growing......huh?...girl no!...I'm sure your curls wouldn't agree with you on that one..
Your hair is growing but you're just not retaining length..which means your hair is constantly cutting at the tip which is the most dangerous thing that could happen to your hair..


1.Lack of moisture
2.No deep conditioning
3.Sleeping without satin bonnet/sleeping with satin bonnet in a wrong way
4.Split ends
6.Stress/too much manipulation
7.Using products with harsh chemicals.

Some medical conditions aftect hair retention... you would have to see the doctor for that.