"I knew I had been using the fake one all along but...I didn't want to feel guilty so I didn't make any research about it".

Shea butter is a very wonderful  moisturizing natural product native to west africa.
It has been known for ages for having lots of healing properties and is used worldwide as the major ingredients for most cosmetic products used for skin and hair.

Importances of shea butter

Shea butter has a lot of properties that are good for the hair as I said earlier it is a very wonderful moisturizing natural contains important vitamins and fatty acids used to seal in moisture and add more shine to your hair.

Shea butter is also used as protector against heat or heat tool.
when applied to the hair acts like a coat and shields the hair strands from damage when any heat products is passed through.

It also helps to soften the hair...
Making it easy for hard dry or brittle hair to easily be manipulated as wanted.
Other importances includes

Helps to protect hair from UV rays

Helps to sooth irritated scalp

Helps to repair split ends and hair damage


Another question you want to ask your self is how do I know the right shea butter to use..
 The originality of shea butter can be known through the color..
The original shea butter would be off white or off yellow (somewhere in-between).. any shea butter different from this is probably the fake one.

For about some months now  I knew I had been using the fake one all along...I didn't want to feel guilty so I didn't make any research about it.
But one day I came across this Lilian Okibe's video on youtube and I discovered that a lot of marketers want to make so much profit and so most of them mix shea butter with palm oil making it look more yellowish in colour.
At the same time we have some countries or people that mix shea butter with other Essential oils( like coconut oil,jojoba oil,avocado oil e.t.c) or essential vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E e.t.c)
Adding this to shea butter might give a change to shea butter's original colour, these doesn't change the usefulness but rather adds more beneficial properties to it.

To be on a safer side if you want a mixed shea butter it will be better to buy the original shea butter and then add whatever essential products you want to add to it to avoid the fake ones sold outside.. except you have a reliable source .

To know an original shea butter youll discover the following things:

1.The colour looks more like off white and off yellow more like the cream colour some might have the ivory color.if shea butter is snow white it means it has been processed.

2. It has a nutty smell and sometimes smells smoked because of the extraction process

3. It must feel creamy and not greasy when applied on skin...if it's greasy then it's fake .

4.It must be free from moulds.if you notice any moulds on it is likely to have been expired

5. It gets solid at room temperature but melts when there is heat or when rubbed on the palm...

You want to make sure your shea butter has these properties before admitting it is the original.

I came across IGROWLINK SHEA BUTTER  of recent and they sell the original shea butter for as low as 1000 naira(about 3$ approximately) for 1kg (1000g) .
I tested it and compared to the shea butter I was using before my hair was able to retain moisture longer than I expected.
 You can contact the igrowlink shea butter through the following phone numbers

They offer home delivery service too with affordable prices.

P.S the colour of the shea butter in the picture is a bit deeper in colour  than in real life because of the camera effect..(the original is a little bit off white and a little bit off yellow which I would rather say cream colour)