When your scalp itches and then you scratch it another part of your scalp keeps itching and itching till maybe when you the find the cure??
An itchy scalp is one of the things people like to run away from... imagine someone starts scratching her hair beside'll want to run.. thinking..."this person may have lice .. don't let it get to me" or something like that...
As the title says "itchy scalp a sign of new growth or unhealthy scalp?"'s a question we all need to answer together..
Many people say when you have an itchy scalp it means your scalp is dirty or your hair has lice or maybe some particles..
Hmm..what do you say when you have an itchy scalp??
Well, for me an itchy scalp may mean more than say hair growth? hasn't been scientifically proven that an itch scalp equals hair growth but a few years back when I was on low cut I used to go for a cut after every month and after about a day I start to scratch my scalp...I never used any other person's clipper or clipper blade,and I made sure everything was clean...but still anytime I go for a trim or cut it itches after a day or two...and not too long after that I begin to notice new growth and my hair stops itching. Now that I've started growing my hair I noticed that after I use a particular hair growth products (DIY or made product) hair itches and I know I'm expecting something..(new growth)..but my scalp also itches when I get particles in my hair or when I sleep on a rough bedsheet.
So an itchy scalp for me might also be equal to a dirty scalp.
Keep in mind that once you start having an itchy scalp you ask yourself these questions
Is my hair dirty?
  • Am I alergic to this product?
  • Do I have a few leftovers from DIY?...
  • Do I have lice??
If every answer is negative and you are sure ur scalp is at the highest level of healthiness..then you know its likely to be hair growth.

Other causes of itchy scalp includes
  • Diabetes
  • Dandruff
  • Dry scalp
  • Contact Dermatitis (a situation whereby your scalp gets irritated after trying a new product )
  • Anxiety disorder..
There are still more causes of itchy scalp that are scientifically funny to me😁...I don't want to make you scared so I won't write them down ..but note that an itchy scalp for hair growth is not going to be continuous. Just once in a if you discover you hair keeps scratching over and over for a long time (after you are sure your scalp is in good condition)'ll be best to see the doctor .

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