Hi guys I'm really sorry for not posting as I promised yesterday..I had a few things to do and all.
But today I'm back and I'm going to be giving you hair styles for day 8 and 9 from Lilian Okibe's channel's episodes will be a little bit different because they are more like after-a-washday hairstyles but I'm sure you'll love them.


We'll be looking at another style you can do after a wash day...
Lilian okibe had a wash day with ayurvedic herbs and cow milk as deep conditioning can check the rest out at VLOGMAS DAY 8 // WASH DAY WITH COW MILK AND AYURVEDIC HERBS + WASH DAY HAIRSTYLE

After the whole was process she decided to do the "sexy African threading" as she called it...and this hairstyle requires you to use any type of thread to thread your hair...
So you want to part your hair in sections , grab your thread and start threading..first you wrap your thread around a your hair three to four times to ensure its firm and then keep wrapping the thread in a way that leaves space in between each wrap.
Ensure you try to pull your hair like as if your detangling it so that it is as elongated as possible.
When you get to the ends of your hair (when you have like an inch or less left)..You bend your hair over (to rest on the other threaded hair parts) and begin to thread on it again after this you tie the thread so that it doesn't loose out and as Lilian did you could make use of a hair curve (on the spot where the thread was tied) so that it secures the thread and makes it stay in place...
I'm not sure if you get me but you can check for the youtube video version of it.


After a wash day you can decide to go for chunky (fat braids) .
You just want to divide into a few sections or more taking each section to braid and making sure the front sections are well parted to avoid looking weird.. especially if you  need to go out..
You want to spice it up with accessories or maybe not🤷.

So "loves" we're at the end of today's hairstyles episode...the next episode comes tomorrow or next..stay tuned...sorry stay aware ...this is not youtube...(lol)