"I have been a fan of DIYs since I started my hair journey, I started using the *Mediana Product* a month ago and I am loving it."

I came across the mediana leave in conditioner for the first time tried it, and it was good...I decided to dig more and found out there were 4 more products made from the company and I got interested in the hair really worked..

Today I'll be talking about the five interesting cheap products from the mediana company their importance and prices.

1. Mediana Leave-in Conditioning     Milk

   This leave-in conditioner works for 
   all hair types...helps in detanging       natural hair and gives it a soft             feeling. I've been using it for a long time and I really enjoy it.
You can get this conditioner at an affordable price from 500 to 1000 naira..some shops sell it as high as 2000 .

2. Mediana Hair Booster Serum.

The hair serum is a mixture of several oils (coconut oil,avocado oil,kakar oil and other essential oils with shea butter, glycerin and the likes)... I promise you'll see changes in your hair growth only don't be too anxious because it might not give you 5 inches in a month (lol)...but you'll see wonderful changes in your hair growth..
Price ranges from 600 to 1000 naira.

3. Mediana hair repair cream.

This cream helps with dandruff ,itchy scalp,repairs damaged hair and helps with hair should get it.. because your hair would love it.
It contains a few essential oils with shea butter and protein
Price ranges from 700 to 1000

4. Mediana Hair Repair and Anti dandruff shampoo

This ph balanced shampoo helps to fight dandruff and leaves your scalp a good tingle 🤗
It forms lather really well and just a few drops are enough to wash out the dirt from your scalp.
The price ranges from 600 to 1000 naira

5. Mediana Revitalizing conditioner

The  mediana conditioner helps to detangle , moisturize and prevents breakage...
Price ranges from 600 to 1000 naira.

The mediana product has been tested and tried and has been said to be one of the most reliable product in Nigeria...
 Someone said;"I have been a fan of DIYs since I started my hair journey, I started using the *Mediana Product* a month ago and I am loving it."

There has been a lot of great reviews on this product ...what are you waiting for??...Get the cheap and reliable product from the store today
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P.S.. Mediana products work for all hair types whether natural or relaxed

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