"Thank God we have the internet nobody can come and start to cheat you because you want to treat your hair.."

Somebody was probably thinking about how to get money for hair treatment before reading this post...but now she's probably going to be  relieved after reading this post (๐Ÿ˜)
 Before writing this post I was thinking of what to write that'll be really beneficial to everyone and then something caught my eye I wouldn't really say much about it but I'll explain a was about hair treatment and all...and someone was all like you'll have to book a session with her and pay a certain amount before treating your hair and all and all like that...but then I had this funny thought that was like normally to have a healthy hair you have to do deep conditioning treatment like very often say once in two weeks or a month depending on your hair type and then if I keep doing the treatment from one person and paying a huge amount over and over.  It'll be like a waste of money over something I can do almost free I decided I needed to write this post to make everyone aware ...Thank God we have the internet nobody can come and start to cheat you because you want to treat your hair..

So let's start our deep conditioning treatment lessons ..
(Deep conditioning treatments are like supplements you need to add to your hair  routine inorder to strengthen your hair strands: giving your hair the adequate moisture it needs,preventing split ends, breakage and more importantly ensuring you retain length.)

Before you start any hair treatment you want to look at your hair type and more importantly your hair porosity... without these you might be missing the treatments that would work for you.

(I wouldn't go into much details because you can read up about hair type and porosity by clicking this link)

Take me for instance I have type 4A which gets dry easily and a medium porosity which holds any liquid for a moderate amount of time,deep conditioning treatments with essential oils like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera,egg, mayonnaise and any other natural products that are not too heavy would be perfect for my hair type.  
We might not have so many people with my hair type and porosity simultaneously so I'll give list of treatment you can use for your hair type .
From type 4A to 4C essential oils like coconut oil,jojoba oil, almond oil and the likes can be added with avocado ,honey,banana and used as a deep conditioning treatment.. but you might have a type 4a-4c and have high low or medium porosity..

What you want to use your hair porosity for is to judge the rate at which such treatment can last up to..for instance those with high porosity cannot use coconut oil alone as a treatment why??.... coconut oil is a light oil and easily penetrates through the hair and scalp.. people with high porosity have hair strands that absorbs liquid faster than any other hair type  .since coconut oil is light their hair is most likely to dry off after a very short period of time what do you use then??..shea butter...
I highly recommend shea butter for any body with high porosity( since it's heavy)...and any protein filled natural egg ,milk ,mayonnaise ,low fat yougurt ..e.t.c.
Even if at all you need to use coconut oil for your hair as a hair treatment ensure you mix with thicker oils or products that it doesn't easily get absorbed by your hair strands.(what I mean is... the deep conditioner wouldn't get dried as to serve the purpose for which you want it to.)

A low porosity hair strand carrier should ditch shea butter to coconut oil or a lighter oil and avoid more protein treatments as much as possible ..why?.
The hair strands of a low porosity hair absorb liquid or hair products slower than any hair type and if you find yourself with this hair type what you want to do is avoid much shea butter,avoid much protein-filled treatments (preferably using them once in a month in small quantity)
Sheabutter and protein treatments are heavy...we all know ahead butter is thick and as for has strong building blocks making it hard to get digested easily when eaten and when applied to hair if care is not taken can block other nutrients from penetrating into the scalp and hair strands....
So you want to make sure you use light essential coconut oil,onion oil,AloeVera oil and so on more often in your deep conditioning treatment.
You should use aloe vera or banana or oat meal in your deep conditioning treatment DIY or so..

If you have medium porosity (which is rare I think)...I think you need to shout "Thank God"... because you don't really have problem struggling with deep conditioning can use any of the treatments for each type of porosity say sheabutter, egg, milk, honey, banana, aloe vera, coconut oil..etc.. people say.."too much of everything is not good".Try as much as possible to use those deep conditioners as moderately as possible.

If you're not sure of your hair type or porosity check this blog post
to know more about it..

PS..To me DIY is  still the best for natural hair deep conditioning treatment but if you're doubting you can still book a session with a professional and pay whatever amount... it's up to you...
You can also come to me for help...I'm not likely to charge you much (that's if I will..lol๐Ÿ˜)

PS 2. I feel aloe vera works for all hair can use aloevera as your everytime deep conditioning treatment without feeling scared about using the wrong products plus it is works for hair growth read about it by here

PS 3
Deep conditioner should not be kept for so long (it should be between 30 mins to an hour while wearing a shower cap or plastic bag(nylon)) and rinsed out avoid accumulation of too much products resulting to blockage in  penetration of other products you might use later...

I'm sorry I couldn't continue with Lilian Okibe's hairstyles for December but if you're really interested click this link to get to her youtube channel for all episodes up to date๐Ÿ˜