Zobo Drink and Aloe vera Moisture Therapy

If you ask me when last I  had a bad hair day...I would say today...I performed an experiment with aloe vera and zobo leaf/Hibiscus tea (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
My intention was to moisturize my hair with both.. Aloe vera being a natural and reliable source of moisture and zobo leaf also serves as a good natural shampoo and leave in conditioner..I mixed the both of them and applied to my hair .
.        (MY FACE LOL😆)

I didn't regret the actions I just hated that everywhere was looking like blood( because the misture kept dripping on the floor) and the annoying part was the fact that the my hair was dripping zobo colour on my face giving me a taste of bitter aloe vera😢.
Well my hair feels good and really moisturized now that ive rinsed everything off but the whole process was stressful.
I wouldn't really recommend you adding zobo leaf with aloe vera but if you're struggling with moisture DIY aloe vera gel will be the best for you...and its really simple.
Cut the aloe vera into parts ,remove the green peel so that only the gel like body remains, place in a blender add a little water then grind.
After take a seive preferably the sack like sieve(I don't know what it is called..lol)... squeeze till all the gel is out ...then apply to your hair....hmmm that's the best hair food maybe 🤷...
You can add zobo leaf if you want 😁
The zobo leaf recipe is also easy ..just take a few zobo leaves and soak in warm water for an hour ..sieve out the water from the leaves and it's done...

PS..I haven't made much research but I found our that zobo leaf helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and helps to strengthen your too and blah blah ...and it's also a good hair dye...