"Most people say the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut it off.....OMG..cut my hair off??😥..."

Today we're going to be talking about natural hair's arch enemy.. SPLIT ENDS .

The question you'll be asking me now is..what are splits ends?
Now let me put it this way ...you've been growing ur hair for about two or three or even more than .....when you first started your hair was around an inch perhaps but now after about 2 years it is say 10 inches ...now the one inch that you had when u first started (if u haven't trimmed your hair at all during those two years)
is still there, it becomes the tip of your hair and is as well known as the oldest part of your hair....
The tip of your hair is officially two years and because it is old ..it might likely become frail and will start to split Into two,or maybe smaller splits or even complicated/ multiple  splits that has a tree shape .. these splits are called SPLIT ENDS

As I said earlier split ends are caused as a result of the tip of the hair being old and frail other elements can also result to split ends even when the the tip of  your hair might not be old.
They include

Heat from hair straightener or dryer are one of the fastest ways to get split ends.

Harsh chemicals from shampoos or other hair products can cause hair frailness which eventually leads to split ends.

Hair dryness...
If you're like me that does not often do cover protective styles ( like braids with extensions or faux locs (Kiko)...or any other protective style that covers the hair).then your hair might be more prone to dryness than others...so you might likely see more split ends.

External factors like harsh weather conditions or even the season we're in here in Nigeria which is the harmattan period....your hair is most likely to get  split ends damage if proper care isn't taken.

Others include... constantly touching  your hair, detangling /usage of combs, friction between your hair and hat/bed /scarf.

 Most people don't know the deep things split ends cause...I refer to them as the devil of natural hair because they come in subtly...you might not even notice....one thing is you notice your hair getting shorter or constantly breaking....Most people will be like...I had a very long hair until it started breaking all of a sudden...my sister nothing breaks all of a sudden except it has been creeping for days or months.
You might also notice that your hair isn't growing especially when your hair isn't long probably around 5 inches and for years it remains in the exact position.

I might not be in your mind but I know what you're thinking..."how do I get rid of split ends?"
My dear you might not totally overcome split ends but you can ensure you overcome most of them.
Most people say the best way to get rid of split ends is to cut it off.... I'm like OMG cut my hair  off???😥.. someone is like my hair is barely growing why should I cut it off....well I would say something..if you're noticing split ends for the first time it'll be better to cut it off but if after cutting it off it comes back after a week then just leave it....
After about a month you can cut it off...if it still persists..but during the period before you cut it ensure that your hair is in a protective style.(I would advice the one without extensions)..and ensure your hair especially the tip of your hair is well moisturized make sure to moisture every day...now take note of this part.... there is this moisturizing formular I use..I mix water and oil and my leave in conditioner together and spray on my hair focusing on the ends and then apply Shea butter to seal up the moisture and cover with a silk cap...I'll advice you to also try that...if you're battling with continuous split ends or if your hair gets dry easily.
But as I said earlier..the best way to get rid of split ends is to cut it off.

1. Be gentle when washing your hair....I would advice that you use shampoo and conditioner alternatively on your hair wash day...now that we're in harmattan period make use of hair conditioner more than shampoo
2.Daily moisturizing is the key to avoid frail ends. check MOISTURE: NATURAL HAIR'S BEST GIFT
3.Avoid heat products.. if you can't do without them at all minimize them and use on low heat.
4.Don't touch your hair unnecessarily.
You might weaken it.
5.Cover your hair with a silk scarf or satin Bonnet before you sleep .
6.Ensure you're on a protective style.
7.Do not use high chemical products.
 I recommend Mediana hair products
8.Ensure you deep condition your hair at least once a month ..

PS. Split ends can travel from the tip of your hair all the way up almost reaching the roots if care isn't taken.

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