Natural hair shrinkage

"Someone said shrinkage is God's way of reminding us to be humble...."

Well well well shrinkage.the thought of that makes your heart sink๐Ÿ’”..your hair can be 16 inches and shrinks to 5 inches... seriously??..I'm the type that likes to show of my real hair length but shrinkage never allows it..
Most girls opt for stretching so that they can be proud that they can show off long hair and other times some people just relax it..
Now one thing I want you to know Is that the fact that your natural hair Shrinkage is a sign of a healthy hair depening on your hair type your hair could shrink up to 100% of its length
Consider if you have type 4a...your hair probably shrinks from 50% to say 70%..and if you have type 4b...your hair may shrink 60-80% and of you have type 4c ..your hair probably shrinks up to 100%... Whoa that's a lot ..
Someone said shrinkage is God's way of reminding us to be humble....that word shook me to the actually hit me deep.. don't be proud, God got you there and he can always bring u back.....
What I actually wanted to make you understand in today's blog is that you see your natural shrinkage as a part of life and not as a disaster..

If you really feel you need to stretch your hair out badly you can opt for african threading or Bantu knots..they help stretch hair easily without heat..
After a wash day you can also put your hair in big natural braids or twist to reduce the amount of shrinkage

Never feel bad about the percentage at which your hair can shrink up to...just accept the fact that you need to be humble ๐Ÿ’ฏ and that the beauty of natural hair is shrinkage..


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