5 Natutal Hair Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Natural hair is strong

I have had encountered people that had to relax their hair claiming it was too strong... well In the past lots of people complained about that and it was acceptable because of ignorance.. but now we have conditioners,detanglers and oils that we use to soften the natural hair...and of course it won't last forever but it'll work for a period of time before u put your hair into a protective style .
For every natural hair the protective style must be done ..I know lots of people want to rock their hair and show off the length...yes it's fine ...but make sure to attend to it's moisture and  do a protective style before you sleep...always make sure your hair is 70% of the time in a protective style.

Natural hair cannot be combed..

I hate hearing this statement like what do you mean ....and why should u even comb your hair when it is dry??...I mean it'll just destroy your beautiful curls...for me I would say never comb your hair at all if possible but some people cannot avoid it .like me ...(I use it a few times tho)..so I'll advice to comb when your hair is soaking wet with conditioner using a wide-tooth comb....comb very gently to avoid fairy knots.

Natural hair cannot grow long

Although genetics affect the rate at which hair grows ..it doesn't mean your hair cannot grow long....I often hear people say ... they are predestined not to have hair..like what do you mean girl....you can still have a long hair.it just takes time and how you understand your hair...I had a moment when it felt like my hair didn't move for some months, until I changed my routine...
Another thing you shouldn't forget is the fact that natural hair shrinks..always measure with your tape rule to know how far your hair has grown and not to just think your hair isn't growing.

Trimming makes your hair grow loooooonnggg.(lol😝)

My friend I wanted to believe this too..and it's not that this is wrong or true.but the truth is as I said in a previous blog 

Only when split ends start to arrive is when you're allowed to trim ..

African threading helps to grow hair

The African threading or faux locs as some people would call it,is one of the best protective styles for natural hair but having it on is not the key to growing your hair longer .
Whether you do the African threads or not your hair would still grow the half inch for an average person less or more ... depends on body nature.
When I remember how I used to think that African threading everytime would automatically lead to a long hair ...I just laugh..😆
Don't get me wrong your hair can grow longer after threading...but it doesn't mean that you need to thread to get your hair longer...I've seen people who never did threads and even have long hair ..I've also seen people who do threads and their hair didn't grow...The most important thing is to care for your hair and with whatever protective style your hair would still grow 😺.

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