I was seeing split ends...oh my God where did they come from...I don't use heat or harsh chemicals or any bad product...but I forgot something.... something I always did when I started my natural hair journey and that was MOISTURE....
One of the best way to be good with your natural hair is to always moisturize frequently...or  every day as I would suggest...we all know the key moisturizer is water...get a spray bottle, moisturize your hair daily with water and seal your ends with sheabutter...for those with low porosity because Sheabutter may be too heavy try to use a light essential oil like coconut oil,olive oil...e.t.c
Everyday?... someone might be asking...yes everyday that way you retain hair length by avoiding split ends or middlesplits...and unnecessary breakage from dry hair..
Don't forget your conditioner too I wrote in an earlier post five best cheap conditioners you can......the conditioner must be your best friend in your natural hair journey.



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