Last week/early this week been a week I had a few hair care routines for the first time in months..from deep conditioning to trimming and then shampooing and simple african threading....if I tell you I haven't shampooed my hair in months 
I know your reaction will be what???
Yeah..that's me I don't really shampoo...I use conditioner instead of shampoo  on a wash day..not that I cant  afford shampoo...I just think it'll be better to avoid some harsh chemicals from shampoo's and see what my hair would be like without it..
Now lets look at the cycle  I made..
Deep conditioning to trimming and then shampooing and the last one.. african threading..
Looking at deep conditioning I would like to ask "when was the last time you did a deep conditioning treatment?"
Don't start to think(lol)..I know most people are guilty of this and me not excluded 😣
I did a proper DIY deep conditioning for the first time in months... don't get me wrong I always do daily leave in conditioning which kind of helped me but my hair was lacking the  deep conditioning treatment it needed.
Last week Saturday I did DIY banana and honey deep conditioner and to be honest it felt good ... except.(pls don't roll your eyes😃)...I had banana particles all over my hair...even after I spent over 30 mind washing it off(I was on natural braids tho) took me up till today to remove most of them...but I must still say banana deep conditioner was a wonderful way to condition my avoid too much hair particles you can opt for shea butter and honey, yourghut and honey,egg and coconut oil...e.t.c ..I think I'm trying shea butter and honey next ..
Deep conditioning treatment helps to revive the softness in your hair, gives extra moisture preventing dryness and your hair a more shiny look and in a way helps in hair growth in the sense that when u deep condition regularly (preferably once a month or one in two weeks if you have a really frizzy hair) you say bye to split ends and by that you have length retention every month.
Speaking of split ends remember you have to trim it off..that leads me to the second cycle which is trimming..
The most difficult stage in natural hair care...if you hate trimming let me see your hands up... Lol.. I think I can count many hands including myself😂. I HATE TRIMMING..but I had to trim..when I saw split ends ..If you manage split ends you might have to forcefully do the big chop or probably watch your hair breaking continuously. So trim..its not going to be more than half an inch or maybe an'll grow back quickly..
If you notice split ends every week you might have to wait for a while before trimming again can opt for shampoos or conditioners with split ends control...but overall best option is to trim it off🙃.
The next cycle shampooing has not really been my thing but I know a lot of people like to shampoo everyday and I must say it is not a good routine for your natural hair except you use a natural shampoo (without any trace of sulphate)  the ideal time for washing your hair with shampoo should be after 2-3 months if you feel you need to shampoo before this time you can use a conditioner instead..
To avoid unnecessary harm from chemicals used in shampoos to form lather it is preferable to use the conditioner more than the shampoo.
I know the blog is getting long but let me quickly wrap it up with the last cycle african threading..after a hair wash most times the hair really shrinks and I know we don't all like that....instead of flat ironing you can do the african threading to stretch out your  hair .only make sure that you don't pull your hair too much to avoid your front hair breaking.