By Akintoye Bamise

Hearing the word fairy knots, what comes to you mind?
 Do you think it is the nodes of a small female imaginary being with magical powers(lolzzz). Anyway I thought like that the first time I heard the word, Then I later got to find out it is totally different. 😁
         When we talk about *Fairy knots* in hair, it means the knotting of a single strand of hair within themselves to create  bigger knots called fairies.
   Fairy Knots usually occur at night when you are sleeping or During/After washday. Now we want to look at the things that causes this fairy knots
  Fairy knots are caused by:
1. Dryness
2. Rough detangling
3. Excessive Friction

Yes, these are the major things that causes knots in our hair. How can we avoid this things? Since we know where the problem is coming from now, it is easy to fine the solutions 😊.

1. Step up your moisturizing game. You heard that right (lolzzz). 
     Moisturize your hair at least 3days in a week.(it can be more than 3 but not less than). Don't forget to also seal in the moisture.

2. Detangle your hair well before Washing and opt for a finger detangling first before passing combs through your Mane(Hair).

3. Never skip deep conditioning during wash days. (Read that again).

4. Trim your hair as at when due. I did advice Thrice in a year.
"The healthier your ends the less your hair knots".

5. Wear your hair stretched often.

6. Protect your ends(Tip of your hair). Try to wear styles that won't expose your ends to harsh weather.