I discovered that a lot of naturalists do not have a conditioneršŸ˜®'s your hair!!!... conditioner should be your hair's best friend...some people give excuses saying it's too expensive blah blah blah.
If you're in that category you're so lucky right now because I got some good news.
Today I'm going to list a few hair conditioners you can get at a very affordable price in Nigeria.

1. Mediana leave-in conditioning milk

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This conditioner was formulated in the Mediana laboratories in the U.K and is produced and distributed by Mediana Beauty Industries in Nigeria.
  • It helps protect your hair from damage 
  • Detangles hair quickly 
  • Paraben-free
  • Makes your hair healthy and
  • It's easy to apply.
  Prices range from around 500naira to 1000 naira depending on the location.
Mediana has been one of the conditioners I use and it has worked for me.

2. TCB naturals leave-in conditioning treatment 

This conditioner is manufactured in ikeja Industrial Estate Lagos, Nigeria.
  • It helps to detangle hair
  • Make hair softer and easy to comb
  • Serves as an intense moisture therapy
Get it at any available store close to you as low as 500 naira
Price may vary depending on location.

3. Alberto vo5 moisturizing conditioner

This is just a regular conditioner(not leave-in)that comes with different flavors that were made in the USA and are sold in Nigeria.
 The Alberto vo5 moisturizing conditioner 
  • Gives a soft and shiny texture to your natural hair
  • Contains 5vitamins&oils
  • Leaves the hair looking vibrant and beautiful
  • Also paraben-free.
Price ranges from 500 naira and above..get yours at a local beauty store today.

4.Corl Sun shine 

The corl sunshine is a liquid conditioner for hair care..comes in various colors and was made in china.
Corl sun shine has a grease-free structure that leaves a pleasant softening film on the hair and leaves your hair a soft and shiny look.

Price ranges up to 1000 naira.

5.Make your shea butter conditioner.

If you ever run out of conditioner or you can't afford to buy one then you can make one with shea butter.
You can mix shea butter with honey, with your essential oil, or even with egg and have a perfect DIY deep conditioner just make sure you wash off before you go to bed.

The thought of conditioners make me happy ..what about you?.
Do you use conditioners?..or are you repenting now that you've heard my story(lol)...
Comment down in the section below...let me hear your views.
See you again soon.


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