The onion, a vegetable used as a food supplement is also a known remedy for hair care, essentially for hair growth. In today's blog we'll be discussing the benefits of onion juice for your hair and the preparation of the onion juice.

Onion juice is a safe home remedy for hair care. It is very affordable and easy to make use of, this is used without the fear of chemical substance entering your hair as it is all natural. Onion juice could only pose danger to those who are allergic to it; otherwise, it's all safe.
A question you may want to ask is why does it work for hair growth or what are the properties it contains for hair growth?
Actually, it is generally known that proteins, especially keratins are needed for hair growth, onions hold these properties and they also add extra sulphur which support strong and thick hair growth, thus, preventing hair loss.

Benefits of onion juice to your hair.

A list of the benefits of onion juice are as follows
Prevention of;
- hair loss
- dandruss
- thinning hair
- brittle hair
- scalp infection
- premature graying hair.
Onion juice contain dietary sulphur for hair growth. It contains properties which work against microbes on the hair. Onion juice is also believed to allow for blood circulation in the head for fast hair regrowth. Free radicals contribute the aging process thereby, causing hair follicle to get destroyed, however, onions contain antioxidants which fight against them.

Preparation for onion juice.

Onion juice for hair growth is a home remedy which follows simple steps in it preparation.
First, you get your onions. You may use a big one or two small ones, depending on the quantity you want. You peel their theirs shields off and cut them into pieces.
The next thing to do is you juice them or blend them. At this point your juicer or blender would have been made ready.
After blending, you could fine a jar to pour it in for future use.
You then apply it on your scalp and cover your scalp completely for about 15 to 30 mins before washing it off.

These are the simple steps to the preparation of the onion juice. Note, due to the pungent smell of the onion, it's safe to add your shampoo or oils to cover the smell.