We all cant be like Rapunzel that had a very long hair without even trying.
sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get something's done including getting your hair longer in a short time?...hmm I wouldn't really say in a short time. But I guarantee that this oils will help u in your hair journey if you consistently with Patience use them.

5 Important oils for hair growth

1.Onion oil

Onion oil

Onion oil is very rich in sulphur that prevents hairbreakage or split ends
Research has proven that onion oil helps in hair regrowth and treating baldness and even helps with other skin issues.
Cool right?
Apply this oil from your scalp to your roots every day or thrice a week for a month and you'll be shocked to see differences.
Keep using continuously for greater effect.
please don't use of you're allergic to onions.

2.Avocado oil.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil cointains monosaturated fats,minerals and antioxidants that are quite useful for the hair.
It helps to keep hair healthier,protects the hair from dandruff and also helps with hair growth. You can use a raw avocado as hair mask if you can't find the oil.
Apply the oil thrice every week before washing your hair or even after washing.


Aloe Vera oil

Aloevera is well known for it's healing properties on hair and skin.
It helps in promoting hair growth, getting rid of dandruff and can even serves as both skin and hair mosturizer. 
Aloevera doesn't produce it's own oil but somehow it can be derived with the help of coconut or Olive oil..
Use these oil on your hair  regularly for better results.


               Coconut oil

coconut oil contains vitamins that makes hair grow thicker and longer.It can be used to moisture hair and give it a shiny look...it also has healing properties that helps to treat any hair problem like exzema,split ends and other related problems.
Apply this oil everyday or 4 times a week for better result


Jamaican Castor oil

   If you're looking for the oil that gets your hair grow really fast then try the Jamaican castor oil..
For years it has been Known for fast hair growth, beard growth and even helps in the growth of eyelashes.It helps to strengthen  the hair,prevents exzema,helps to cure dandruff ,dry scalp and other heals other hair problems.
Luckily this oil can be used for all hair types
For best results apply this out gently on your scalp three times daily.

I really hope you gained a lot from this article.
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