5 Must Haves For Natural hair

Ever wondered what makes your hair different from someone else's? What makes your friend's hair longer, softer and all round better than yours? This very question has come across every individual's minds once or twice before especially those going natural. The problem with our hair could pose as a major deal, however the solution to these slight problems is the possession and use of natural hair tools. Due to the variety and difference in the hair texture of people, there are various tools each one serving its specific purpose. These tools are provided to make your wash day and hair maintenance easier. As earlier said, there are many tools, however, not all tools are necessarily used. In my article today, I'll choose five must-have natural hair tools to be used by every individual on their natural hair journey. 

Wide-tooth comb

The wide tooth comb should be your best friend, it is a very important, major and natural tool to be used in one's hair journey. The comb is used to straighten out and remove tangles from your hair. The teeth of the comb go through the hair detangling every bit of it to look smoother.

But, hey, my friend if your hair is super tangled use a conditioner before combing or rather just do the finger combing.

Conditioner /leave in conditioner

Conditioner is more or less the back bone of a hair care routine. A conditioner is a moisturizing substance with ingredients such as oils, silicones and others mixed together so as to nourish the hair. "Conditioner refortifies the cuticle with a protective coating allowing the hair to keep growing and not break easily." Adam Friedman.

I"ll advice you use a conditioner more often in place of your shampoo or you can even try the mixture of leave-in-conditioner oil and water in a spray bottle. Spray before you twist your hair, it helps to lock in moisture.

Tip: you can get  a leave-in-conditioner for as low as 1$ or 380naira .

Spray bottle

Spray bottle is a small plastic or metal bottle with a nozzle on the head used to spray liquid substance to the hair. A spray bottle is a natural hair tool used in filling liquid hair substance and easily spraying is to the part of the hair where it is needed. The spray bottle can be used as a hold for your home made hair ingredients such as rice water, onion juice and many more. 

Tip: if you don't have a spray bottle you can improvise by using an old perfume bottle.

Hair clip/crocodile clips

This is another major natural hair tool. They can be in various sizes and shapes. When trying to hold your natural hair in one place, the tool to be used is the hair clip. The hair clip is formed like a mouth piece; with this it easily holds a huge chunk of hair together. Bonds is a tool related to it, however, can be difficult. Thus, your better choice is hair clip. 

Head wrap

To go natural, head wrap must be at your disposal. A head wrap is used majorly to cover your hair; mostly on a day you're unable to style your hair, the head wrap comes in play. There are various wrap styles to keep you looking good.

Before you sleep a head wrap is recommended or a satin bonnet.They both help to prevent hair dryness ,occurrences of fairy knots and hair breakage.

If you want your natural hair journey to be smooth you must have at least 70% of these things or even more. 

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