When you’ve gone months and months and you are stuck with the same hair length, you will easily come to conclusion that your hair isn’t growing. If you aren’t suffering from any medical illness or anything related to that, you need to be calm because your hair is still growing.
Research has it that hair grows about half an inch every month for an average person, meaning you have a 6-inch growth every year. It might seem like your hair isn’t growing because the natural hair is curly and delicate and breaks more if not properly taken care of.
Some of the reasons why you might be having issues with hair growth includes

I know most of us went to primary school and we were taught to comb our hair regularly and all. But today I would say that when dealing with natural hair, you have to reduce combing.
The natural hair is very fragile and must be handled with care and as you have known earlier that the hair grows half an inch a month for an average person (which means hair doesn’t grow into Rapunzel’s overnight), you need to be careful because frequent combing of your hair might gradually lead to breaking of the half inch that’s supposed to add to your hair length.
• Do protective styling for about a month or two to avoid unnecessary combing. If you must comb, use the finger combing method.
• Use a wide tooth comb if you must use a comb.
Type 4 natural hair has the tendency to loose moisture faster than any other hair type. Its coils disable the sebum produced on our scalp to travel down the hair shaft making it more prone to breakage. To help prevent this you need to ensure your hair gets the moisture needed regularly. Water, leave-in-conditioner moisturizer and essential oils should be your friends as a naturalist. At least thrice a week ensure you add any essential oil or any moisturizer that suits your hair in order to keep your hair from drying which might eventually lead to breakage. You can apply water daily to your hair using a spray bottle.

When you have split ends, your hair may break at the same rate at which it grows making it look like your hair isn’t growing. The moment you realize split ends, just trim immediately because it would damage your hair if not done immediately. After every 6 months would be the most appropriate time to trim it off.

Frequent use of hair products with strong chemicals could leave your hair dry and prone to breakage therefore ensure that whatever products used for your hair, be it shampoo, hair dye, conditioner or so must be silicone, sulphate or paraben free.
• Use henna as a replacement for your hair dye. 

Sometimes what you need might be a little treatment to boost your hair growth. You can do the egg treatment or onion juice treatment or rice water treatment (read more @over half inch increase in hair growth).
Note that these treatments don’t work magic. It just helps to retain that half inch you need for the month.


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