When the name natural hair is dropped ,what pops up in your head is probably a lady with a full long hair (maybe)..
Most times we forget the guys have natural hair too and they also need to
have sweet healthy hair, which is the reason why I dedicated this blog to their rescue.
So you might be thinking "does a guy really need a soft hair?" Well yeah! As long as they want it,then why not?
I'll be listing a few ways through which a guy can achieve that soft hair he always dreamed of.

#1 Use mild shampoo
 It is important that you shampoo your hair regularly but not too often ( say twice a week)*take note*.
Ensure that you buy shampoo without harsh chemicals(sulphate free). A shampoo consisting of products from natural sources is best recommended for your hair.

#2 Condition your hair 
Try as much as possible to condition your hair after a shampoo or even when you don't shampoo ..make it 4 times or more in a week or everyday if your hair is longer than 3 inches . 
# Be it leave in conditioner or a wash out conditioner,ensure it is sulphate free or better still,get a natural conditioner

#3 Moisturize your hair daily
Your hair needs moisture to come alive,that's why you need to rinse your hair with clean water everyday(while taking a shower)..don't forget that your 
essential oils (like coconut oil) should also be applied daily.
#you can try using a moisturizer or a hyrating cream.

#4 Towel dry your hair
After shampooing or conditioning your hair make sure you use a towel to dry the water out.
#You can also use a blow dryer but ensure you use heat protectant 
#make sure your hair is well "towel dried" before blow drying in order to avoid heat damage .

#5 Trim your hair
 Trimming the tips of your hair once in two months helps in removing or avoiding split ends which causes hardness in hair.
Get an hair cut once in a while to make it more healthy.
#if you're growing your hair more than 3 inches,ensure you trim more often,say once every month.

#6 Comb your hair
This should be your morning routine especially after a shower .
Ensure you detangle your hair by combing out with a plastic comb.
This helps your hair to come alive making it smoother,and helps to  retain its moisture.
#if your hair is hard, you can apply any essential oil or even water to make it easy to detangle.

#7 Use a loose cap or hat
The sun produces UltraVoilet Rays that are harmful to the hair can't stop the sun neither can you control it from producing rays so the best thing to do is to wear a cap or hat that will protect the hair from getting dried or fried in the sun.
# make sure you don't use a tight cap or hat (or anything else that is tight) to protect your hair.
# if your hair has been exposed to the sun already,apply any essential oil to your hair.
#you can also use sunscreen cream or oil if you don't want to use a cap. 

Thanks for reading!
Comment below if you have any questions or opinions.
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