When you see that curly hair what first comes to your mind? ...hmm…I guess you’re thinking what I’m thinking if you’re reading this now.
So many people want to know how they can get to "define” their natural hair curls without much cost and without adding chemicals (I mean without Relaxers), some people just want temporary fashionable hair styles with a little curl here or there but some ...well… they want a hair curl that’ll last permanently. There are ways you can use to achieve this mission even without using heat. So let’s hit on the first one

I.Twist out
This is one of the temporary way of achieving your curls and the most common one I would say but I’m going to teach you in a little different way but before that we have a little imagination journey to go … don’t be scared its quite an easy journey. Now imagine you’re going for a class or a special occasion or probably somewhere tomorrow and you just want to wear your hair in curls, you know it wouldn’t be advisable to go to the salon today and make a twist and then loose the next day that’ll be a waste of money even time. well there’s a simple and less money consuming way. You just need a leave-in-conditioner and your shampoo or your instant conditioner. First we need to wash the hair with shampoo (or the normal conditioner you use after shampooing your hair), then you get your leave in conditioner, part your hair into as many sections as you want preferably say 5- 10 sections for a faster loose out (you can part to as many sections you want tho) then in you take each section of your hair still wet add your leave-inconditioner to it then twist. Make sure you do that for all sections and cover your hair before you sleep. When you wake up after your daily prayer uncover your hair and loosen the twist ( you can use a mirror) and behold your neatly curled hair you can then style in whatever way you want and rock that pretty natural hair’ll look so cool.

II. Use gel
This is quite easy get your shampoo, your conditioner and a strong gel (ill recommend ECO STYLING GEL). The one with olive oil is the best for good curls.
wash your hair with your favorite shampoo use your instant conditioner after divide your hair into sections while the hair is still wet then add your gel to the first section and use your fingers comb your hair gently, you’ll notice your curl begin to define themselves gradually. Do this for all sections while hair is wet and see your curls come to life.

III. Try the bantu knots
Most times when we do bantu nuts we prefer to use attachments or wool or whatever extensions but this time around we want to achieve a curly hair so were using our natural hair So were going to section our hair as usual and do the bantu knots for each section you can add any curl cream of your choice or even the leave-in-conditioner but make sure you wash your hair and it is still wet and well detangled before u add any of this products or make the bantu knots. you can loosen the next morning or after your hair is dry and get your nice curls IV. Use texturizer
I know the guys are gonna be a little pissed ‘cus most of those tips were mainly for the if you’re a boy or even a girl with a low cut or probably an afro and you want a permanent curl just get a texturizer apply to your hair and leave in your hair for about 10 minutes. you can also follow the description on the product for better results.

V. Use the ALOE VERA leaf
Get a mature aloe Vera leaf divide into 3 sections more or less depending on how full and long your hair is then cut each section into half so that you can use the slimy substance wash your hair and divide as usual then apply the slimy substance gently on your wet hair and then your curls form one after the other. 

VI. Use a moisturizing curl cream
Get a moisturizing curl cream, make your hair wet and apply the curl cream using your fingers in form of a comb and then finger comb the curl out. Might take time but you surely get your curls. Other ways of getting your curls include 
• Use the deep conditioning method
• Use the flexi rods
• Get the curl formers(product)
• Avoid using oils on wet curls Thanks for reading, comment below if you have any question. Have a lovely day ahead.


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