Rice water? Yeah!... I'm gonna give u all details bit by bit.

Research has shown that rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate, which repairs damaged hair .The inositol also remains inside the hair even after rinsing, giving the hair a properprotection.

Amazing right?

Well yes I know it is because it is one of the cheapest easiest and quickest methods of any hair treatment you can think of.It was first discovered by a group village women called the "Yao women in china".This women washed their hair over time in rice water and their average hair length is about bout 6 feet, their hair even made it up to the Guinness books of record The Yao women believe that the fermented rice water, which they use to cleanse their hair, is what helps to keeps their hair long, dark and clean.

For making rice water you will need

1.½ or a cup of white or brown rice
2.A clean bowl 
4.A Sieve 
3.1-4 cups of water
5.Orange peel
6.Esssntial oil(s)
We have several ways of making rice water but I'll teach you a very simple method
A. Take Abt half or 1 cup of rice

B. Rinse properly and remove all the dirt from the rice

C.Soak the rice in about 1-4 cups of  water for about 24 hrs(or 48 hrs)

D.After 24 hrs(or 48 hrs) seive the mixture to remove the rice from the water add any essential oil of your choice .

E.Add the orange peel and remove after a while ( just to give the fermented rice water a more acceptable smell) 
*optional *

F. pour the rice water in a spray bottle and spray on ur hair  most importantly on your scalp and massage thoroughly..cover for 1-2 hours or more before rinsing it out note:The solution must not be left in your hair for more than 18 hrs before you rinse out.