Making my Natural hair soft**

Keeping natural hair could be really stressful especially when it comes to maintaining it's softness.A lot has to come to place.
You see, its no trouble if your hair isn't all that soft or perhaps really hard you just need to be calm and try out any of this steps I'll be listing below as your daily, weekly or monthly hair routine.
Starting with:

1.Shea butter and honey mask method
This method is called deep conditioning and you'll be needing Shea butter, honey,coconut oil and a clean bowl.
mix all the ingredients above in a bowl ,and apply to ur hair(wet) section by section, then cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes before rinsing out…trust me you'll have the softest hair you ever wished for .
Try that method everyday if possible or once a week or once a month.

2.Leave in conditioning method
( I use 'mediana', a cheap and very reliable conditioner)

If you don't have a leave in conditioner as a naturalist you need to get one it's really important.It serves as a detangler to your hair,makes it softer,easy to comb and style. You can apply it to your hair anytime  or after your regular hair wash to get a better result.

3.Avocado and banana mask method
Mash or blend your banana and avocado together to form a smooth paste,apply all over your hair and cover for about 30mins to an hour before rinsing out
It'll help to reduce your split ends and give you a soft and smooth hair.

4.Mayonnaise mask method
Mayonnaise contains emulsified eggs and oil that can help to restore a shiny soft hair, so if you don't like mayonnaise start to like it now because you'll be needing it very soon. Apply the mayonnaise all over your hair and cover for 30 minutes  rinse out with warm water , shampoo and condition your hair then,youre good to go.try this often say twice a month.

5.Use aloe vera gel method
Get your aloe vera gel directly from a mature aloevera plant or you can buy the gel (the one that consists of 100% aloe vera)directly from the store.
Apply the gel all over your hair from the roots to the tip of your hair and let it sink in for about 30 minutes before you rinse out .
Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair after this process.

6.Try the hot oil method
Get your coconut,castor,olive or jojoba oil and heat about 4-6 spoons of any oil of your choice until it is a bit warm then add to your hair until every strand of it is coated with oil. Use a shower cap over your hair and then cover the outside of the shower cap with a hot towel. The heat from the oil and the towel will open the pores in your scalp, allowing the oil to soak in and soften your hair.
Rinse out that oil about 10 - 20 minutes later and wash your hair.

7.Apply essential oils regularly
Oils like coconut ,avocado, castor and jojoba oil help to replenish your hair with the right moisture it needs and gives you soft hair.
Make sure you apply any of these oils every week on your hair for better results. A mixture of all could be great on your hair as well.

*Other points to note *

...Avoid using hot water to shampoo your hair
Using hot water on your hair is really dangerous because it results in taking away the essential oils and the right moisture out of your hair.
It is essential that you use warm or cold water in order to retain the natural moisture and softness your hair needs.

...Avoid heat styling products
Products like blow dryer,flat iron or curl iron or any styling product that involves applying heat should be minimized because they result into having split ends which eventually leads to a dry,hard hair.
when you use these products at first  your hair gets soft but with time the more you use,the more damage it causes to your hair.

**If it is necessary for you to use any heat product,apply a heat protectant or a leave in conditioner to your hair to help protect it as you use. 

...Trim split ends
If you do not trim your hair as when due split ends can develop and make your hair look damaged,hard and dry. Try as much as possible to trim your hair once every three to four months to avoid split ends..make sure your hair is looking as healthy as possible...

I'll be expecting your comments and reactions ,feel free to ask your questions...stay cool,love y'all
PS:*making my hair soft (for guys) coming soon*